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For chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions

How I Can Help You

Why You Should Get Physiotherapy First

Physiotherapists are specialists in movement, in how physics affects the biology of our bodies and this is what they bring to the rehabilitation of any injuries of conditions. A doctor may be able to prescribe medications to dull your pain and a surgeon may be able to repair areas of major structural damage but only a physiotherapist will be able to help your body to heal itself and recover its normal function.

As for me, I’ve developed a special focus in studying and treating chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions that have typically lasted for more than 3 months. Examples include headaches, whiplash, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, nerve compressions/irritation, bursitis, tendinopathies and the like. If you feel like you’ve tried everything without any success, or are sick of daily pain and medications without improvement, why not book a consultation to see what other options you have?

The first consultation is typically 30 minutes long and is focused on a comprehensive assessment to get to the root of your complaints. Without a proper diagnosis, any treatment will just be guesswork so I place a great emphasis on this. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please check out the contact me page or shoot me a message.

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