Why Your Pain And Stiffness Won’t Go Away On Its Own

Sometimes it’s not until you get old that you remember what it was like to be young. One of the things I miss was that whenever I’d scrape my knee or stub my toe, mom would put on a band aid on it and I would wake up feeling like a new man (boy) the next day. Then one day, it just stopped. And I can’t remember when. For many of us, waking up now is like starting a car in winter. My body aches and the stiffness that haunted me yesterday has spent the night like an unwelcome guest. My only solace? The hot shower.

Scientists can explain this by pointing out that by the time we’re 26, the rate our cells are dying start to outnumber the rate our cells are replaced. Every time we’re injured, the tissues that replace them are a bit stiffer and weaker than before, exposing us to further disability and injury. Little wonder that my dad still limps on his right ankle from his years of badminton. But knowing that our bodies are beginning to decay is little comfort unless there’s something we can gain from it.

“Force is the language of cells.” – Andreo Spina

If money talks, then force is the currency of our bodies. It’s how our cells communicate to our tissues, all the way up to the organs. It’s how our brains know whether to make those hamstring muscles stiffer or looser, depending on the position it’s most placed in and the amount of force exerted on it. Unless you’re under 25 and there are no complications, that hamstring strain or back pain isn’t going to get better on its own. But with the right soft tissue treatment and joint care, your body can heal itself, it can get stronger and the pain can go away. It just needs a little guidance. While there’s nothing we can do to stop the inevitable failure of our bodies, there’s plenty we can do to delay it and make living easier one cell at a time.

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