Every year Medicare subsidizes up to 5 consultations with an allied health professional for $52.95 each. If you’ve had a condition for more than 3-6 months, you may be eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management Care Plan (CDMC) which are both the same thing. Once your GP has written one for you, he can refer you to a physiotherapist of his or your choosing for a consultation.

Contrary to popular belief, physiotherapy consultations are NOT free but subsidized. That means that in most physiotherapy clinics, a gap payment is required. For example if a consultation is $100, then the gap is $100 – $52.95.

If you have an EPC/CDMC plan and wish to schedule an appointment, please visit the contact page and bring your plan with you to the clinic.

If you’re a GP or medical professional and you’d like to refer a patient for a physiotherapy review please click on my contact page.

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