If you’ve been injured while at work or in a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible to claim compensation for medical expenses. You should have had to fill out a claim and been informed of your case manager. A general practitioner will then coordinate the medical management of your claim and may have made a referral for physiotherapy.

If you’ve been referred by your nominated treating doctor (NTD) for physiotherapy, please visit the Contact page to arrange a consultation. The first visit will be an assessment and interview to get to know you and your injury better. Please ensure that you bring the details of your case manager, claim number and referral from your NTD in order for us to obtain approval for your treatment.

For insurers/rehabilitation providers: if prior treatment or rehabilitation is unsuccessful, I am more than happy to review any chronic injuries to provide 2nd opinions or alternative approaches to treatment. I am also generally response to the writing of reports or phone calls. Many workplace injuries require more than the recommended 6-8 weeks for recovery due to the little known effect of fascial restrictions, scars and medications on tissue recovery.

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